Roll With It, Inc | by Jennifer McCallson"

Take A Seat

Take A Seat incorporates the use of a wheelchair-for-a-day in team building exercises, to expand vision and self efficacy within a variety of corporate and academic settings.

What We Do

Program activities:

Motivational Speaking
custom team building exercises
focus group
Sensitivity Training
Challenging Activities
question and answer session(s)
Universal Design Training
open forum discussion

Program Lengths are:



Synopsis of a full day program:

Upon arriving to their agency, participants will be greeted with their wheelchair and receive an introduction from Jennifer McCallson and an explanation as to how the day is going to play out. Take A Seat participants will then begin using their wheelchair to go about their normal schedule, changing nothing except for the fact that they are using a wheelchair. Participants will be given a list of do’s and don’ts in addition to routine activities of daily living that they will need to accomplish throughout their day.


At the end of the day the participants will fill out exit surveys, describing and rating their experience. Additionally, together we will discuss their day as a group, focusing on what was brought to their awareness, and how their thought process shifted in order to accomplish their goals.


The concept of Take A Seat is simple and highly effective. Take A Seat challenges one’s routine point of view at tackling everyday obstacles; thus, resulting in higher goal setting standards, increased confidence, and a heightened passion to achieve.


Your Agency’s Program Could Look Like This:


Introduction, meet and greet, turn in paperwork, receive wheelchair and instruction



Business as usual with a activity list



Lunch outing/ wheelchair basketball demo/obstacle course



Business as usual and finishing activity list



(for school settings) Wrap up session focus group, fill out exit survey



(corporate settings) Team building activity/motivational speaking



Wrap up session focus group, fill out exit survey


*Activity List = to ensure the most optimal Take A Seat experience, the activities of daily living list can include, but is not limited to: purchasing lunch/coffee in the cafeteria/vendor, only using the handicap stall in the restroom, retrieving a “forgotten” item from car, etc.
**Programs can be customized to include motivational speaking, off site outings, and team building activities such as obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, and wheelchair sports (basketball, baseball, frisbee, laser tag etc.)
***Roll With It Inc. requires a waiver of liability and media release forms to be signed before participation in the Take A Seat program.

Where We Are Rolling

  • Corporate America
  • Management Team
  • City Council
  • Business Event or Retreat
  • University (College)
  • High School
  • Private Education
  • Educational Staff or Faculty
  • Seminar
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Motivational Guest Speaker
  • Group Sensitivity Training

What are your goals?

We are focused on your growth through our team building exercises. When you work with Roll With It, you can expect in your group and personal development to:

  • Expand vision
  • Increase self efficacy
  • Increase profits
  • Increase creativity
  • Fine tune negotiation skills
  • Decrease perceived limitations
  • Increase problem solving skills
  • Cultivate teamwork
  • Amplify goal setting standards
  • Ignite a “can do” attitude
  • Heighten diversity & design awareness
  • Increase leadership in overcoming obstacles


Create A Unique Experience

Roll With It provides custom programs to accommodate groups of all sizes and diversities. Call today and tell us about your next presentation or event and we will put together a program for you.

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